Jamaica is visited each year by millions of tourists eager to spend as much time as possible on the beautiful sandy beaches, to practice exciting water sports, to taste local foods and drinks (Jamaican rum is famous worldwide for its unique flavor), to dance on romantic rhythms of reggae, and many more – in short, to have some unique holiday experiences.

Jamaica Cruises - Caribbean Cruise Ship
Jamaica Cruises – Caribbean Cruise Ship

Many tourists visit the third largest island in the Caribbean during cruises sailing on the western route in the region. In recent years, cruise packages have gained in popularity due to the very affordable prices and because of the chance to visit several famous vacation spots in the Caribbean Sea during a single trip. Also, due to the tough competition in the cruise industry, in travel agencies, and on travel websites are available often very attractive cruise deals and last-minute packages – therefore, a growing number of tourists take advantage of these bargains to save money and to book cheap cruises in Jamaica or other Caribbean islands. As a result, they have the chance to spend a few days of luxury vacation at a very attractive price.

In the Caribbean there are hundreds of islands that seem like realms from paradise and, therefore, it’s not surprising that to its top vacation spots such as Jamaica travel annually so many people. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful Jamaican cruises on luxury ships serviced by very polite and friendly crews. Most Caribbean cruise packages are offered by several large shipping companies such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Carnival – all have available cruises to Jamaica.

Cruise Ship in Montego Bay
Cruise Ship in Montego Bay

Due to extremely harsh competition between companies, the number of last-minute cruises and discount packages is very large. The Caribbean is huge, and therefore, the majority of cruise ships follow one of the three major sailing routes – west, east or south. Jamaica is part of the Greater Antilles, and consequently tourists interested in booking cruises that include in itinerary the island of Jamaica must choose vacation packages to ships sailing on the west route.

Jamaica cruises allow participants to enjoy several days of luxury living and a true delight! Most cruise ships sailing in the Caribbean have high-class and modern facilities and offer their customers a lot of recreational activities, a generous bouquet of entertainment options and very good hotel service. For this reason, many travelers prefer to sail on such ships instead to book accommodation in hotels and beach resorts in Jamaica or other islands.

Another great advantage of cruise packages is that the tourists have the opportunity to visit along one trip several Caribbean islands and see many more landmarks. Caribbean cruises including Jamaica depart mostly from Tampa, Port Canaveral, Port Everglades or Miami, it take usually 7 days and follow the West Caribbean route. Besides the island of Jamaica, many such cruises have stops in other tropical islands like Grand Cayman and Cozumel in Mexico.

Cruise Ship in Ocho Rios
Cruise Ship in Ocho Rios

Jamaican cruises have generally stopped in ports situated in two of the most popular holiday destinations on the island – Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Both resorts offer more entertainment options to those who land on the shore including various sightseeing tours to more remote areas of the island such as Dunn’s River Falls, one of the most popular landmarks in Jamaica. Of course, tourists can reach out to one of the beautiful sandy beaches to enjoy a few hours of refreshing breeze coming from the sea, to bathe in the warm waters or enjoy various water sports. In addition, travelers will find both in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay a lot of duty-free shops where can buy luxury goods at very low prices.

Tourists wishing to visit Jamaica and save money are advised to consider the last-minute Caribbean cruise deals offered by Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Carnival. All these companies offer for sale very convenient sailing packages for the Caribbean region, allowing savings of up to 75%! Even if the prices are so low, best cruise deals include all the usual features such as accommodation, all meals, leisure activities and the best entertainment opportunities! Therefore, people who have more time and not hurry to choose a fixed departure date have the chance to find a Jamaica cruise and other destinations in the Caribbean at a surprisingly low price and enjoy all the exotic pleasures the Caribbean has to offer!

2016 Jamaica Cruises & Last-Minute Cruise Packages

Jamaica cruises and last-minute cruise packages are abundant and very affordable. Click on the link below to learn more and book a convenient Jamaica cruise package to fit your travel budget.

Jamaica Cruises

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